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При рождении ему дали имя Петрус Ти Ротайчик, но вы вместе с металлическим миром оплакивали его...
После попытки самоубийства в 1989, казалось, что в среднем возрасте ему удалось обрести покой....

Tripping A Blind Man

Say the word and I'll be healed opened eyes
Grease my wheels since my vision's me restored
Trip me once shame on you trip me twice I'm the fool
Thought it's hidden I've been cured
Patience is diving but the virtue is not mine
Turn your cheek gets ripped off
That's why god gave us four
This is how you spend life amused by another's strife
Makes me so sad and confused
Someone's pain your leisure
Can't explain sick pleasure I'm so glad I'm not you
Throwing wrenches gave a false sense of power
What started sweet will soon turn sour
You think it's your place to dispense justice
Well I've been sent to judge the judges
God damn love cause it's breaking my heart
And if I had one wish, I'd see in the dark
Tripping a blind man so easy to do
Tripping a blind man why can't it be you?
You want to play god and I know you will
If that's the case I'll be the devil
Now who the fuck are you to discipline me
Innocence condemned by the guilty
God damn love cause it's breaking my heart
And if I had one wish, I'd see in the dark
Losing his grip of his seeing eye dog's spikey collar
Panicking, the startled pet ran to the street
Sanitation truck skidding, unable to stop
Shoveled up what was left of his canine spot
As they left, the ground turned muddy crimson
Where's my mutt? The victim questioned
Ems responded "he had to say bye"
Teary eyed, the old man cried then died
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